We desired to open a store we wish existed when developing our own proprietary products and growing our product line, Euphoric Herbals. Living in Delaware we often found it challenging to source botanical ingredients, natural remedies, materials to DIY and a place to go that would empower us in the process. Often we would drive to Baltimore, Washington DC or Philadelphia to source a botanical supplies or just simply wait for a week or two for a shipment to arrive. Being centrally located in the state, we are proud to serve all of the First State with 150+ herbs, 65+ loose teas, carrier oils, DIY containers, local raw honey and natural body care products.

At Euphoric Herbals Apothecary one of our goals is to practice a zero waste model. We strongly encourage customers to bring their own containers when purchasing ingredients, additionally we also give them a discount for doing so.

We hope to be a resource for those new to herbal healing, the “makers”, the hobbyist and a trusted partner for the health care providers.